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  • 9780393975918 72

    Psychology of Learning and Behavior

    Steven J. Robbins, Barry Schwartz, Edward A. Wasserman

    Fifth Edition


    Now in its Fifth Edition, Psychology of Learning and Behavior is one of the most highly regarded texts in its field.

  • 9780393944594 72

    Abnormal Psychology

    Martin E. P. Seligman, Elaine F. Walker, David L. Rosenhan

    Fourth Edition

    Mixed media product

    When first published in 1984, Abnormal Psychology won widespread support and hundreds of adoptions for its innovative approach, which highlighted the psychological theories and treatments that best fit each disorder.

  • 9780393976205 72

    Psychological Research: The Ideas Behind the Methods

    Douglas G. Mook


    Written in lively and informal prose, Psychological Research builds on a familiar core of ideas and principles, drawing on a wide range of examples from the diverse branches within the discipline and demonstrating that the standard procedures of research are neither mysterious nor esoteric.

  • 9780393974461 72

    Creating Mind: How the Brain Works

    John E. Dowling


    From a distinguished teacher and scholar, this beautifully illustrated and lucidly written book reveals the beauty of the organ that makes us uniquely human.

  • 9780393967173 72

    Motivation: The Organization of Action

    Douglas G. Mook

    Second Edition


    This Second Edition of Motivation: The Organization of Action has the same goal as the first: to present a coherent view of theory and research in motivation.