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Surviving Survival

The Art and Science of Resilience

November 2013


You have survived the crisis—trauma, disease, accident, or war—now how do you get your life back?

A traumatic or near-death experience can change every aspect of the survivor’s being. It can erase the body’s learned adaptations, and in some cases, those who live through such a shock suffer more in the aftermath than they did during the actual crisis. In all cases, they must work hard to reinvent themselves. Combining harrowing tales of survival with lucid explanations of the science behind the body’s reactions to trauma, Surviving Survival offers a valuable and “intriguing argument about the adaptability of the human spirit” (National Geographic Traveler).


"Gonzales reveals how recovery can be a transforming experience that not only moves us forward but also enriches our lives in ways we never could have imagined." — More Magazine

"Excellent…An education for those wishing to be of use in a stressful, often frightening world." — Kirkus Reviews

"Timely, realistic, and accessible self-help book on the potential of growth from suffering. Recommended." — Library Journal

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