The Seine

The River that Made Paris

6 November 2020


A vibrant, intimate tour of the Seine.

Blending memoir, travelogue and history, The Seine is a love letter to Paris and the river that determined its destiny. Master storyteller and The New York Times foreign correspondent Elaine Sciolino explores the Seine through its lively characters—a bargewoman, a riverbank book- seller, a houseboat dweller, a famous cinematographer—and follows it from the remote plateaus of Burgundy, through Paris and to the sea. The Seine is a vivid, enchanting portrait of the world’s most irresistible river.


"I learned so much from this book. Elaine Sciolino is a graceful, companionable writer, someone who speaks about France in the most enjoyably American way... [She] proceeds from colorful detail to revealing detail, gently informing even as she entertains... Sciolino has laid one more beautiful and amusing wreath on the altar of the City of Light." — Edmund White, The New York Times

"A soulful, transformative voyage along the body of water that defines the City of Light. Elaine Sciolino is the perfect guide to the world’s most romantic river." — Lauren Collins, The New Yorker

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140 x 211 mm • 400 pages


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