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Of Woman Born

Motherhood as Experience and Institution

28 May 2021

Adrienne Rich (Author)

With an Introduction by Eula Biss


The groundbreaking investigation into motherhood and womanhood from an influential and enduring feminist voice, now for a new generation.

In Of Woman Born, originally published in 1976, influential poet and feminist Adrienne Rich examines the patriarchic systems and political institutions that define motherhood. Exploring her own experience—as a woman, a poet, a feminist and a mother—she finds the act of mothering to be both determined by and distinct from the institution of motherhood as it is imposed on all women everywhere. A “powerful blend of research, theory, and self-reflection” (Sandra M. Gilbert, Paris Review), Of Woman Born revolutionised how women thought about motherhood and their own liberation. With a stirring new foreword from National Book Critics Circle Award-winning writer Eula Biss, the book resounds with as much wisdom and insight today as when it was first written.

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140 x 211 mm • 416 pages


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