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Clinical Applications of Hypnosis

26 April 2005

George Gafner (Author)


Gafner turns his attention to the complaints and problems that are most commonly seen in the clinical setting.

These "bread and butter" applications are the core of every successful therapeutic practice that employs hypnosis. By means of explanation, anecdote, and case study, readers are instructed in how best to address the basis needs of the clients and how best to put the fundamental concepts of unconscious process and ego-strengthening into action. Clinical Applications of Hypnosis is also a treasure trove of techniques, stories, and suggestions basic to successful hypnosis. Therapists new to the art will appreciate Gafner's clear description and thoughtful introduction to the use of hypnosis in therapeutic practice. Seasoned practitioners will appreciate find a fund of effective and carefully described techniques to be used to help to treat anxiety, depression and related disorders.

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