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  • 9780393704440 72

    Clinical Applications of Hypnosis

    George Gafner

    Hardback, 2005

    Gafner turns his attention to the complaints and problems that are most commonly seen in the clinical setting.
  • 9780393705188 72

    More Hypnotic Inductions

    George Gafner

    Hardback, 2006

    George Gafner's Handbook of Hypnotic Inductions provided clinicians with inductions ready-made for practice. Here, in response to the overwhelming success of that book, he provides more brand-new...
  • 9780393703245 72

    Handbook of Hypnotic Inductions

    Sonja Benson, George Gafner

    Hardback, 2000

    This useful resource provides over two dozen detailed scripts for inducing trance, deepening, realerting, and debriefing. It covers beginning to advanced hypnotic inductions in four main...
  • 9780393703993 72

    Hypnotic Techniques: For Standard Psychotherapy and Formal Hypnosis

    Sonja Benson, George Gafner

    Hardback, 2003

    Hypnosis and hypnotic techniques are strong tools for assisting clients in moving beyond their resistance to therapy.