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Quick Steps to Resolving Trauma

11 January 2011

Bill O'Hanlon (Author)


A friendly and brief guide to trauma resolution.

Here, Bill O'Hanlon uses his characteristic breezy and inviting style to tackle a very difficult issue: trauma resolution. This book details a philosophy and methods of working briefly and effectively with traumatized clients. Simple examples and dialogue, whimsical illustrations, and O'Hanlon's classic reader-oriented approach make this book inviting to therapists and consumers alike.


"I not only recommend this book, I believe it should be required reading in all therapy programs. It offers foundational methods and an easy to understand treatment for trauma." — The Milton H. Erickson Foundation Newsletter

"[B]rief and broadly accessible read...covers a vast range of ideas.... [S]traight-forward and enlightening." — Journal of Mental Health

"The wonderful thing about reading a book by Bill O’Hanlon is how he manages to be so concise and so practical in offering new useful and effective ways of working…[A] pragmatic guide and must-read for anyone working with traumatized clients." — Rubin Battino, The Milton H. Erickson Foundation Newsletter

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