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Solution-Oriented Spirituality

Connection, Wholeness, and Possibility for Therapist and Client

13 February 2015

Bill O'Hanlon (Author)


Skills and techniques from a master therapist on how to help clients connect to their lives spiritually.

Although a growing number of Americans are turning to spirituality to help explain and supplement their lives, and a vast majority identify as religious, psychotherapy has long been reluctant to work alongside clients’ sense of "something bigger". But what kind of resources might a spiritual sensibility offer from a mental health standpoint? How can therapists helpfully and respectfully integrate spiritual feelings into their work with clients?

Bestselling author Bill O’Hanlon tackles these questions and others in this pioneering foray into the uses and pitfalls of spiritualities—both secular and religious—in a therapeutic setting. Here, spirituality is defined by its three integral components: a feeling of connection to something beyond oneself, a capacity for compassion or "feeling with", and a sense of responsibility to make a contribution to others and to the world.

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140 x 211 mm • 160 pages


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