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Becoming a Published Therapist

A Step-by-Step Guide to Writing Your Book

12 April 2013

Bill O'Hanlon (Author)


At last—a writing and publishing book directed specifically for the mental health professional!

In this practical, witty, and no-nonsense book, Bill O’Hanlon provides all the essential information for readers interested in writing their own books. He discusses all the big issues: writer’s block; getting an idea; how to keep motivated; developing a platform; how to think about self-publishing; how to find a traditional publisher and what to do once you have one. Best of all, every piece of information in the book is written with the psychotherapy writer in mind.

O’Hanlon helps readers learn how to leverage their own strengths as mental health professionals, providing worksheets and advice about finding a topic and making it your own. He gives suggestions about how to use your own clinical skills to stay on target for writing deadlines, and he cuts through the excessive information about social media to explain exactly what is relevant to your writing project.

Any therapist who has given more than a passing thought to writing a book owes it to themselves to pick up this one.


"Not only are his guidelines useful, but the tone takes throughout the book is relatable to anyone striving – yet too timid to pick up a pen and go. He is incredibly concise and well-organized throughout." — International Journal of Psychotherapy

"[Bill O’Hanlon] clearly has the skill and the know-how to write this book, and his presentation style feels familiar, connective as if he’s sitting beside you sharing his stories so you can share yours. . . . Bill’s background as both a therapist and a published writer affords him an insider’s view into the inner and outer work of writing and publishing. . . . [T]his is the first book targeting therapists written by a therapist, that addresses both writing, from conception to completion, and then on to publication, including creating your platform and reaching out to agents and traditional publishers." — United States Association for Body Psychotherapy

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