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The STOP Domestic Violence Program

Group Leader's Manual

Fourth Edition

19 May 2020


An update to this best-selling treatment programme for domestic violence abusers.

The bold interventions from STOP have now been field-tested for more than thirty years among military and civilian populations—and STOP has now treated more than 50,000 domestic violence offenders. David Wexler’s programme offers therapists, social workers and other counsellors a new level of sound, psychologically based interventions that reach the very men who often seem so unapproachable in a treatment setting.

Treatment providers will find new sessions—based on the latest evidence-supported strategies—on insecure attachment issues, stages of change, groundbreaking results from the Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) study, normative male alexithymia, stake in conformity issues, substance abuse issues and more. This new edition integrates twenty- four field- tested video clips to dramatically illustrate key issues for the group.

Presented in a 26-or 52-week psychoeducational format, STOP is packed with updated skills, exercises, videos, handouts and homework assignments that challenge men to examine themselves and develop new tools to manage their relationship issues.

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