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MeToo-Informed Therapy

Counseling Approaches for Men, Women, and Couples

August 2021

David B. Wexler (Author), Holly B. Sweet (Author)


Help for both victims and offenders of sexual misconduct in the age of #MeToo.

The rapid rise of the #MeToo movement has created a seismic shift in how we work with sexual misconduct that occurs in relationships between men and women, but the scope and impact of behaviours within that category is full of gray areas. #MeToo-Informed Therapy guides therapists in finding effective ways to help men who offend, empowering women to find their voices, exploring ways for men to be allies in the #MeToo movement, and helping couples whose relationships can be enhanced by understanding #MeToo issues.

Traditional male and female gender role norms are discussed in the context of how they might contribute to incidents of sexual misconduct. Importantly, the book also takes a look at how intersectional factors around race, sexual orientation and socioeconomic status adds further complexity to these questions. Here, therapists will find the information and perspective they need to support their clients.

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152 x 229 mm • 288 pages


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