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Astronaut Annie

April 2019

Territory Rights — Worldwide excluding Canada.

Suzanne Slade (Author), Nicole Tadgell (Illustrated by)


Annie’s joyful exuberance and her family’s whole-hearted support leave no doubt that her dream is within her grasp. This delightful story—with backmatter about women astronauts—encourages young readers to pursue their dreams and reach for the stars.

Annie is preparing for Career Day at school and is trying to follow her teacher's directive to keep her career choice a secret. Every evening she works on her costume while her family asks for hints. Grandpop gives her a camera in the hope that she will aspire to be a journalist like him. Grandma tells her about her days winning awards for her desserts and lets Annie borrow her mixing bowl and oven mitts. Dad is convinced that she'll wants to be a mountain climber like him; and when Mum asks for a hint, she gives Annie some high-top trainers hoping Annie will be a basketball player like she is. Annie does not commit to any of her family members' career choices, but in the end shows that she can blend something from everyone and make it her own. Readers will have no doubt that Annie is well equipped to follow her dream to travel into space. The illustration of her room shows planets hanging from the ceiling, stars and moons on her bedspread and tissue box, space posters on the walls and a telescope for stargazing. Tadgell's watercolour illustrations are child-friendly and complementary to Slade's concise storytelling. Background information gives a short biography of four female astronauts, information about the phases of the moon and a list of sources to learn more.

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239 x 262 mm • 36 pages


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