Bolt and Keel

The Wild Adventures of Two Rescued Cats

7 November 2017


Stunning photographs of two adorable cats—Instagram stars—who hike, paddle and snowshoe through the wilderness.

Two kittens were abandoned in a park. The women who found them were about to head off on a mountain trek and the animal shelter was closed. The cats seemed game so their rescuers brought Bolt and Keel (so named) along for the adventure. It was the first of many. Kayleen VanderRee, an avid photographer, chronicled their trips on Instagram and soon the cats’ adventures went viral.

Bolt and Keel invites readers to join the cats (and their humans) on a journey through British Columbia’s forests, mountains and rivers. With the cats sitting in the bow of a canoe, perched on a shoulder or navigating snowy trails, these images and charming captions capture an exploration of the natural world that any cat—and any cat lover or adventure seeker—would envy.



160 x 160 mm • 128 pages


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