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101 DIY Face Masks

Fun, Healthy, All-Natural Sheet Masks for Every Skin Type

27 November 2018


Homemade matcha sheet masks, DIY charcoal detox masks, and 99 more!

Make your own Insta-face mask, whether or not you post a pic of yourself wearing one. Masks— especially one- use sheet masks— are the latest craze to sweep the beauty industry and a fun addition to any skin- care routine. But the costs add up and the ingredient lists are often riddled with parabens and preservatives. (Think of the environment, too, with all that packaging!) Here are 101 recipes that are easy to make and often use only a few ingredients. There’s a remedy for any skin woe— from dull, dry skin to large pores. Recipes include:

  • Egg White Tight and Bright Sheet Mask
  • Coconut Glam Glow Sheet Mask
  • Clarifying Matcha Sheet Mask
  • Activated Charcoal Deep Cleansing Sheet Mask

With instructions for re-usable, green-friendly, DIY cloth face sheets.

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