The Joy of Playing with Your Dog

Games, Tricks, & Socialization for Puppies & Dogs

14 November 2023


Game-based learning is a powerful tool to successful puppy rearing and dog ownership.With this exciting guide to playful and social activities for puppies and dogs, you’ll immediately enjoy drastically improved behaviour and a stronger connection with you

Dogs love to play, yet in training, humans can overlook its value and importance. The Joy of Playing with Your Dog reveals how playing can be developed into an invaluable tool to support behavioural development, obedience and strong bonds. With full-colour photographs and step-by-step instructions, this guide from The Monks of New Skete and Marc Goldberg, America’s foremost dog trainers, shows you how to enjoy a happier dog the “play way”.

Does your dog come when called, even near distractions? This book offers games to teach that skill. Does your puppy pick up forbidden objects like glasses, shoes or cell phones? The right training games can correct that behaviour. Do you wish your dog could be more socialised with other people and dogs? The book contains a chapter full of success-making tips and hacks to help your dog successfully make friends. What about dog parks and doggy daycare? Learn to assess the risks and rewards to find the right environment for your dog.

From housebreaking a puppy to increasing the lifespan of your senior dog, play is an essential element of your relationship with your canine companion throughout their entire life. Through play, you and your dog learn critical skills together, decrease frustration and improve communication. For example, Fetch—the most basic of games—taps into a dog’s prey drive in a healthy manner. It encourages interaction and reinforces commands like come and drop it. A good game puts the owner in control, while the dog follows the rules.

Applying the Monks of New Skete's renowned approach to dog training to the topic of play, The Joy of Playing with Your Dog is an invaluable addition to the dog-training bookshelf.

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185 x 239 mm • 224 pages


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