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The Date Night Cookbook

November 2021

Ned Fulmer (Author), Ariel Fulmer (Author), Kiano Moju (Author)


“Try Guy” star Ned Fulmer and his wife, Ariel, share the recipes they love to cook together.

With more than 10 million fans, Ned and Ariel Fulmer are known for their devotion to each other—and their love of homecooked food. From their popular online cooking challenges to their podcast and Instagram posts of last night’s dinner, cooking together is a linchpin in their identity as the sweetest couple ever. Now, in The Date Night Cookbook, Ned and Ariel open up about their relationship with personal stories and favourite recipes, designed for a couple to cook together and eat together. Their unfussy style and sense of humour are reflected in meals that range from quick and easy to special occasions. Ned and Ariel are joining the likes of Chrissy Teigen and Jessie James Decker in making cooking fun. Organised by relationship stage—from single to dating to meeting the parents to long-term commitment—The Date Night Cookbook will quickly become a favourite resource for every couple.



213 x 264 mm • 224 pages


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