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Fabulous Modern Cookies

Lessons in Better Baking for Next-Generation Treats

31 May 2022

Paul Arguin (Author), Chris Taylor (Author)


With bolder-than-ever flavours and spectacularly scientific techniques, the American “cookie” has truly never been more fabulous

Chris Taylor and Paul Arguin bring fresh perspective and heaps of creativity to everything they bake. Now reinventing America’s most traditional handheld dessert—the “cookie”—they offer 100 reliable and exciting recipes that are sure to impress. From Salted Honey Drops to Black-Bottom Lemon Squares, and Coffee Bean Crunchers to Bronze Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies, these are next-level biscuits. Combining their passion for serious baking with their professional backgrounds as accomplished scientists, Arguin and Taylor apply new methods and rationales for ingredient pairings adapted from food science texts to develop novel base recipes and innovative techniques.

In these pages, they share what they’ve learned in lively tips and tricks for every recipe and style of biscuit. Complete with mouthwatering photos, options to make ahead, decorate or indefinitely adapt, these outside-the-box recipes are the very definition of fabulous.



206 x 206 mm • 360 pages


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