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Sam the Cooking Guy: Between the Buns

Burgers, Sandwiches, Tacos, Burritos, Hot Dogs & More

17 June 2022

Sam Zien (Author)


20 master recipes, more than 100 dishes—weeknight cooking has never been so exciting or so easy!

Say goodbye to fourth-night-in-a-row meat loaf and identical containers of tragically “meal-prepped” chicken thighs. YouTube cooking sensation and restauranteur Sam the Cooking Guy is here to save us from mediocre leftovers. With 20 bulk-cooking master dishes, each featuring a main protein, with corresponding follow-up meals that all benefit from the work you’ve already done, Sam ensures that you’ll never be bored in the kitchen again! Sam’s recipes are simple and quick, but never tired. Your Mexican Meat Loaf from Sunday can shapeshift into Tuesday night’s Tacos or Thursday’s Sloppy Joes. Monday’s Roast Chicken becomes Wednesday’s Thai Chicken Curry or Friday’s Baked Taquitos. “Aw man, Beer-Braised Short Ribs again?” “Nah: Short Rib Egg Rolls!” Sam’s genuine and engaging personality, along with vibrant colour photography, makes this book a lifesaver for busy folks who are looking for dinners that they can finally be excited about.

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211 x 262 mm • 240 pages


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