Grandiloquent Words

A Pictoric Lexicon of Ostrobogulous Locutions

7 November 2023


This recondite caboodle of glosses panegyrises the boggles of our palaver*

Words confirm and deny, guarantee and deceive, elucidate and obfuscate. The more words you know, the better you can express yourself and the more you can do in life. The founder of the website Grandiloquent Word of the Day accordingly presents a voluptuary of verbiage encompassing rare and obscure terms that confound or delight, antiquated argot from myriad epochs and lexemes for venturesome bibliophiles. Featuring a short, insightful history of the mania for obscure utterances, Grandiloquent Words offers scores of preternatural terminologies for you to ingurgitate and brandish with aplomb for countless occasions. Bask in cataracts of mundane morphemes, bookish locutions, beef-witted blatteroons, corporeal catastrophes, playful patois and jolly jubilations. These always-extra expressions encompass timeless topics and modern phenomena, painting a group portrait of our foibles and delights. Replete with pronunciations, etymologies, examples and whimsical illustrations, the entries both edify and entertain.

*This rare collection of definitions celebrates the marvels of our language



145 x 218 mm • 256 pages


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