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My Wonder Weeks Diary

15 October 2019


This Deluxe Diary is your ultimate keepsake for all your beloved Wonder Weeks moments and more! Based on a unique method that enables you to track the things that really matter, discover the secrets behind your baby's unique character and create a treasure for later… a true Deluxe Edition!

  • Be the author of your own most treasured book.
  • Sibling of worldwide bestseller The Wonder Weeks.
  • Write, scrapbook and draw your ultimate keepsake.
  • Based on extensive research at top Universities.
  • Capture every developmental leap 0-20 months.
  • Makes you, the author, get an eye for the ‘little things' that make huge developmental impact
  • Luxury binding and printing with gold foil and golden ribbon.


Winner — Consumers award (gold), 2017

Winner — HealthTap award (awarded by doctors), 2017

Winner — Bizzibaby Award, 2017

Winner — Momâ's choice awards (gold), 2017

Winner — Mumii Award, 2017

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163 x 236 mm • 144 pages


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