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The Wonder Weeks

A Stress-Free Guide to Your Baby's Behavior

6th Edition

10 September 2019

Xaviera Plooij (Author), Frans X. Plooij (Author), Hetty van de Rijt (Author)


With nearly four million downloads, The Wonder Weeks app is a must-have for every new parent. The revised and updated book, with exclusive material, is the perfect companion or gift.

Welcome to the fully-updated and revised 6th edition of The Wonder Weeks—with 30% new material. Fussy at five weeks. Cranky at 19-weeks. Clingy at a year. The baby must be approaching a leap; a time during which new skills are mastered, discoveries are made and perceptions evolve. For new parents, being able to anticipate predictable fussy phases—and the magic that follows—is a game-changer, courtesy of The Wonder Weeks.

With more than two million copies sold worldwide, this award-winning guide is based on ground-breaking behavioural research that explains how babies experience ten magical “leaps” during the first 20 months of life. It reassures parents that fussiness, regression and wakeful nights are necessary for growth and won’t last forever.


"…a wonderful guide to explain each learning “leap”, so you can identify why your baby may be unsettled, and support their development." — 3 of the best parenting books, Mother and Baby


Winner — NAPPA (National Parent Product Award), 2017

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152 x 231 mm • 464 pages


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