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  • 9780811200325 72

    The Setting Sun

    Osamu Dazai, Donald Keene


    This powerful novel of a nation in social and moral crisis was first published by New Directions in 1956.

  • 9780811201681 72

    Kanthapura: Indian Novel

    Raja Rao


    Raja Rao’s Kanthapura is one of the finest novels to come out of mid-twentieth century India.

  • 9780811200219 72

    The Holy Terrors: (Les Enfants Terribles)

    Jean Cocteau, Rosamond Lehmann


    Cocteau's novel Les Enfants Terribles, which was first published in 1929, holds an undisputed place among the classics of modern fiction.

  • 9780811201155 72

    The Time of the Assassins: A Study of Rimbaud

    Henry Miller


    This study is not literary criticism but a fascinating chapter in Miller's own spiritual autobiography.