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  • 9781681777696 72

    Wild Together: My Adventures with Loki the Wolfdog

    Kelly Lund


    For all lovers of dogs and adventure, come experience Kelly and Loki the Wolfdog’s world together, as they explore the country and inspire those around them, revealing the endless possibilities between a man and his four-legged companion.

  • 9780811227506 72

    Cat Poems

    New Directions, Tynan Kogane


    A gorgeous gift edition dedicated to the mystery, grace and charm of the cat.

  • 9781681774046 72

    The Dog Merchants: Inside the Big Business of Breeders, Pet Stores, and Rescuers

    Kim Kavin


    We love them with all our hearts, but do we really know where our dogs came from? Kim Kavin, author of Little Boy Blue, reveals the complex network behind the $11 billion-a-year business of selling dogs. A must-read for the benefit of all dogs, everywhere.

  • 9781682681572 72

    Catnip: A Love Story

    Michael Korda


    From silly to sweet, 365 cat sketches by Michael Korda, drawn with love for his wife.

  • 9781581573626 72

    The Pit Bull Life: A Dog Lover's Companion

    Deirdre Franklin, Linda Lombardi


    Everything you need to know about pit bulls.