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  • Cat Poems

    New Directions, Tynan Kogane


    A gorgeous gift edition dedicated to the mystery, grace and charm of the cat.

  • Bolt and Keel: The Wild Adventures of Two Rescued Cats

    Kayleen VanderRee, Danielle Gumbley


    Stunning photographs of two adorable cats—Instagram stars—who hike, paddle and snowshoe through the wilderness.

  • The Dogs of Avalon: The Race to Save Animals in Peril

    Laura Schenone


    After adopting an Irish sight hound, Laura Schenone discovered a remarkable and little-known fight to gain justice for animals.

  • Waggish: Dogs Smiling for Dog Reasons

    Grace Chon, Melanie Monteiro


    To be “waggish” is to be playful and mischievous—the very definition of these adorable dogs and the things they (might) think about us.

  • Catnip: A Love Story

    Michael Korda


    From silly to sweet, 365 cat sketches by Michael Korda, drawn with love for his wife.