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  • 9780811218719 72


    Louis Zukofsky, Barry Ahearn


    The new, authoritative edition of “A”: the monumental lifepoem by one of the most important American poets of the twentieth century, Louis Zukofsky.

  • 100 Poems from the Japanese

    Kenneth Rexroth


    It is remarkable that any Westerner—even so fine a poet as Kenneth Rexroth—could have captured in translation so much of the subtle essence of classic Japanese poetry: the depth of controlled passion, the austere elegance of style, the compressed richness of imagery.

  • 9780811226912 72

    21 Poems

    George Oppen


    Here put your head, that desires nothing except familiarly: There your feet, bending your knees so that, bare (I remember from childhood), they would smell salt-sweet. —from 21 Poems

  • 9780871401779 72

    22 and 50 Poems

    E. E. Cummings, George James Firmage


    A new volume in the Liveright series of Cummings reissues, offset from the authoritative Complete Poems 1904-1962.

  • 9780811228367 72

    33 Poems

    Robert Lax, Thomas Kellein


    A selection of the greatest poems from one of poetry’s most beloved mystics