Family Therapy

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  • 9780393701616 72

    Practicing Therapy: Exercises for Growing Therapists

    Ronald J. Chenail, Anthony Heath, Anne Hearon Rambo


    For family therapy students and practitioners, this book offers stories, exercises, self-assessments, and evaluative techniques.

  • 9780393701265 72

    Anger, Alcoholism, and Addiction: Treating Individuals, Couples, and Families

    Patricia S. Potter-Efron, Ronald T. Potter-Efron


    Intended primarily for counsellors working with alcoholics, addicts and their families, this text describes three treatment approaches to anger - ventilation, reduction and management - along with their advantages and disadvantages for different types of patients.

  • 9780393701067 72

    Stories That Heal: Reparenting Adult Children of Dysfunctional

    Lee Wallas


    Since earliest history, storytelling has been the primary vehicle for teaching and for exchanging human knowledge and experience. Here stories become a means of healing, of reparenting, and of conveying to the unconscious mind the peace and comfort of an idealized childhood—often with almost magical effects.

  • 9780393700565 72

    Family Evaluation

    Murray Bowen, Michael E. Kerr


    The concepts of Murray Bowen, one of the founders of family therapy and the originator of family systems theory, are brought together here in an integrative fashion.

  • 9780393700589 72

    Siblings in Therapy: Life Span and Clinical Issues

    Michael D. Kahn, Karen Gail Lewis


    The first section covers Sibling Dynamics: General Issues: here contributors look at intense sibling relationships, effects of birth order and...