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Love is a Verb

How to Stop Analyzing Your Relationship and Start Making it Great!


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Are you a co-dependent Cinderella who loves a man who hates women too much? A Peter Pan in denial about his inability to make a commitment? If so, it's time to stop analyzing your relationship.

Even if you've discovered from the talk shows and the self-help books that you're afraid of intimacy or prone to self-destruction because of a miserable childhood, has it really helped? If not, it's time for action; it's time for Love Is a Verb.

Here is a fresh, new approach to relationships. The book goes beyond analyzing relationships to changing them, even if one partner isn't interested. Using a solution-oriented approach, humor, stories, and good common sense, Bill O'Hanlon and Pat Hudson (marriage counselors and husband and wife) show readers how to:

  • break free of old patterns in days and weeks, not months or years
  • quickly and easily solve relationship problems
  • improve their sex life
  • increase feelings of love and closeness
  • get over past hurts

Lively, upbeat, and future-focused, Love Is a Verb shows readers how to change today's dreams of more romance and happiness into tomorrow's reality.

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