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Stop Blaming, Start Loving!

A Solution-Oriented Approach to Improving Your Relationship


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"An excellent resource for anyone who wants to have a healthy relationship." --Bernie Siegel, M.D.

Here is a fresh, new approach to relationships. It goes beyond analyzing relationships to changing them, even if one partner isn't interested. Using a solution-oriented approach, the authors show readers how to:

  • break free of old patterns in days or weeks, not months or years
  • quickly and easily solve relationship problems
  • improve their sex life
  • increase feelings of love and closeness
  • get over past hurts.

Since making the shift from analyzing the past to plotting the future is not easy, Bill O'Hanlon and Pat Hudson summarize key points and action steps for each change. They share the stories of their friends and therapy clients who have stopped blaming and started loving, inspiring their readers to be creative as they transform today's dreams of more romance and happiness into tomorrow's reality.


“The autobiographical narrative alone would commend Gates of Eden to anyone who wants to know what really happened in a period around which clouds of myth and obfuscation are already beginning to gather.” — Ellen Kreidman, author of Light His Fire and Light Her Fire

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