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Time's Power

Poems 1985-1988

August 1989

Adrienne Rich (Author)


Time's Power is a new book by a major American poet, and a landmark in a distinguished ongoing career.

For thirty years, Rich's poetry has revealed the individual personal life—sexualities, loves, damages, struggles—as inseparable from a wider social condition, a world with others, in which the empowering of the disempowered is increasingly the source of human hope. Now her mature vision engages with the power of time itself: memory and its contradictions, the ebb and flow between parents and children, the deaths we all face sooner or later, the meaning of human responsibility in all this.

"Letters in the Family," for example, is written in the voices of three women—from the Spanish Civil War, from a Jewish rescue mission behind Nazi lines, and from present-day Southern Africa. Time's Power shows Rich writing with unprecedented range, complexity, and authority.


Shortlisted — Pulitzer Prize, 1990

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140 x 211 mm • 70 pages


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