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The Mirages of Marriage


William J. Lederer (Author), Don D. Jackson (Author)

With a Foreword by Karl Menninger

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“We believe that husband and wife in a discordant marriage can do the greater part of the healing and growing for themselves. There is no doctor or counselor who can—for any amount of money—give ‘instant’ love or marital harmony. The partners involved must do the work.” —William J. Lederer and Don D. Jackson, M.D.

This helpful, incisive analysis of marriage in America discusses the false assumptions of modern marriage and how to make a marriage work. It is imperative to realize, the authors argue, that the marital relationship is an interlocked system in itself, not a function of individual partners. They offer techniques for appraising one’s own marriage, discuss the use of counselors and the dangers of unilateral therapy, and outline the major elements of a satisfactory marriage.

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