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Click Here to Kill Everybody

Security and Survival in a Hyper-connected World

September 2018


A best-selling author and renowned security expert reveals the rise and risks of a new goliath: our massively networked, world-sized web.

We have created the ultimate hive-mind robot: an Internet of interconnected devices that senses, thinks and acts. Bruce Schneier calls it the “World-Sized Web”. It includes everything from driverless cars to smart thermostats, from billboards that respond to specific people to drones equipped with their own behavioural algorithms. While the World-Sized Web carries enormous potential, Schneier argues that we are unprepared for the vulnerabilities it brings. Cutting-edge digital attackers can now crash your car, pacemaker and home security system and everyone else’s.

Click Here to Kill Everybody explores the risks and security implications of the World-Sized Web and lays out common-sense policies that will allow us to enjoy the benefits of this new omnipotent age without surrendering ourselves entirely to our creation.


"Schneier skilfully guides readers through serious attacks that have happened already — and moves on to those he believes are just over the horizon... This book is convincing, but not comforting." — Financial Times

"Schneier’s book is sober, lucid and often wise in diagnosing how the security challenges posed by the expanding Internet came about, and in proposing what should (but probably won’t) be done about them." — Nature

"... excellent work..." — The Catholic Herald

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165 x 244 mm • 288 pages


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