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The Heart and Mind of Hypnotherapy

Inviting Connection, Inventing Change

1 April 2022

Douglas Flemons (Author)

With a Foreword by Michael D. Yapko


Shortcuts to getting in sync with your hypnosis clients, so they can get in sync with themselves.

In the popular imagination, hypnosis is misconstrued as something done to people, as if the hypnotist hypnotises them. And hypnotherapy is similarly misconceived as something done to clients’ problems, as if the therapist could unilaterally counter or cure them. In a refreshing departure from conception-as-usual, Douglas Flemons offers another view, articulating relational ideas about how minds and bodies communicate and learn.

In his characteristically casual and concise way, Flemons explains and illustrates how hypnosis, like meditation, is invited, not induced, and how hypnotherapy entails the altering and unravelling of knotted strands of problematic experience, not the controlling and abolishing of labelled afflictions. The therapist gets in sync with clients so they can, together, extemporaneously facilitate changes to undesired thoughts, urges, emotions, sensations or behaviours. This book takes you to the heart of hypnotherapy, to the respectful, playful practice of utilising clients’ flow experience to collaboratively discover and create opportunities for embodied learning and therapeutic change.

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163 x 239 mm • 304 pages


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