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  • 9780393315981 72

    The Stevensons: A Biography of an American Family

    Jean Harvey Baker

    Paperback, 1997

    "[A] sweeping narrative, beautifully written and scrupulously evenhanded, [that] does full justice to Stevenson and his people. . . . Ambitious, elegiac, and provocative."--Richard Norton Smith, ...
  • 9780393333039 72

    Mary Todd Lincoln: A Biography

    Jean Harvey Baker

    Paperback, 2008

    "A striking success…the account of the White House years is absorbing, the account of Mary Lincoln's life as a widow utterly compelling." —New York Times
  • 9780393974270 72

    The Civil War and Reconstruction

    Jean Harvey Baker, David Herbert Donald, Michael F. Holt

    Paperback, 2001

    Long considered the standard text in the field, The Civil War and Reconstruction—originally written by James G. Randall and revised by David Donald—is now available in a thoroughly revised new...