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  • 9780393956559 72

    Pivotal Decades: The United States, 1900-1920

    John Milton Cooper

    Paperback, 1990

    Contemporary American began in the first two decades of this century.
  • 9780393979879 72

    Milton's Selected Poetry and Prose

    John Milton, Jason P. Rosenblatt

    First Edition, Paperback, 2011

  • 9780393924282 72

    Paradise Lost

    John Milton, Gordon Teskey

    First Edition, Paperback, 2005

    This Norton Critical Edition is designed to make Paradise Lost accessible for student readers, providing invaluable contextual and biographical information and the tools students need to think...
  • 9780393617085 72

    Paradise Lost

    John Milton, Gordon Teskey

    Second Edition, Paperback, 2020

  • 9780393305715 72

    South Dakota: A History

    John R. Milton

    Paperback, 1988

  • 9780393707069 72

    Change: Principles of Problem Formation and Problem Resolution

    Paul Watzlawick, John H. Weakland, Richard Fisch, Milton H. Erickson, Bill O'Hanlon

    Paperback, 2011

    Why some problems persist while others are resolved.
  • 9780871402578 72

    Peace with China?: U.S. Decisions for Asia

    Earl C. Ravenal, John W. Dower, Daniel Ellsberg, Richard Falk, Leslie H. Gelb, Morton H. Halperin, Stanley M. Kanarowski, Richard F. Kaufman, Milton Kotler, Seymour Melman, Robert E. Osgood, Marcus G. Raskin, Earl C. Ravenal, Leonard Rodberg, Franz Schurmann, Charles P. Shirkey, Leon Sloss, Pierre M. Sprey, William W. Whitson

    Paperback, 1971

    Suddenly, after twenty-five years of official hostility, Americans are confronted with an extraordinary reversal of their government's attitude toward China.